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My Family History quotes


"Our family were from the clan of Guntak, but we don't know what it meant. Please do not let this be lost."            Grandpa 1965

Welcome to Chai's Family History Blog




My name is Lim Chin Chai, my friends called me Chai. My nick on facebook is Helamen.

I am very passionate about my Family History. I have been in the LDS Church for over 30 years. I believe in Christ, I live because of Jesus, I look towards the future when I shall see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in their glory. I hope and pray that I will not be found wanting, and that I can be convicted of been a Disciple of Jesus.

I was born in Penang, Malaysia as a fourth generation Chinese immigrant. I came to Australia as a student and loved the country and its people. I stayed.

On this blog I will be posting story's about my ancestors. Unluckily, I do not have any children, I was the First Son of a First Son of a First Son.

I have relatives living all over the world and I hope to get in touch with anyone.

Thank you.

My pa's war memoirs


 Limo 1941

You are most welcome to download my pa's war memoirs. All copyrights reserved.

Please do not be critical of my writing style, because they are the deficiency of a Chinese man with a disability, and lacking the skills of an English writer. This is written exactly as it came out my father's mouth and has not been proofed read to remain the exact language and speech of a Malaysian Chinese person. Just enjoy the story and its idiosyncrasies.

Thank you.

email me for story

Visiting my Gt-grandpa's cemetery

When I went back to Penang in 1996, I wanted to visit my great-grandpa's cemetery at Batu Lanchang Road. My pa told me his graveside was half-way up the hill, and ma said it was very hot, so they equipped me with an umbrella, water bottle and ice, and a towel, and I took my hat and sunglasses. They said it was ok to go into the cemetery because I am no longer a Buddhist, but a Christian now. So pa dropped me off at the bottom of the hill. I took the Branch President from my Church with me because he could read Chinese.

So we set off up the hill, which had thousands of white headstones. It was a very hot afternoon, Sunday afternoon. When we reached about halfway up the hill, I pointed to a grave and asked the Branch President to read the gravestone and he said it was not the right one and he continued to walk up the hill. I had a look at the next tombstone and saw that it had the “two trees” characters which meant a forest or Lim. I called him and he immediately came back. He said if anyone had the inspiration to find the tombstone it would be me, because he was my great-grandpa. He read the inscription and said “yes, it was the right one!” I was so happy.

The gravestones were decorated with beautiful jade figurines, which were still in very good conditions, but the grasses around it were tall and untidy. It was overgrown. I took out my camera, and it suddenly went dark, with a dark storm clouds coming overhead. I had to put down my umbrella, took of my hat and sunnies, because it was getting quite dark. I tried to take a picture but the camera jammed, and would not work. Then I took out my pen and paper, but the ink was dried out. So I took out my pencil and it broke. The Branch President said that it must be an omen, and that Great-grandpa would not like his graveside to be so untidy, and he said he will get some red paint for the inscription and mow the grass and make the graveside tidier tomorrow.

So we went home and he mowed and painted the tombstone the next day.

We went back a few days later.

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My better half, my English Rose, Dawn's Quote



Dawn Lim

Her quote from her Patriarchal Blessing

"Nothing is impossible, where you and the Lord are concerned." 1981  

My life in Australia

I was born in Penang, an island off Malaya.
I came to Australia to study in 69,
fell in love with the people and the country
first couple years in Australia was difficult, going to school and paying my own way because my parents were too poor.
but I believed this is the promised land, the Chinese called Australia the Golden Mountains
Then after the 2nd year of my undergraduate, I became ill, my latent illness was brought out because of the so called harmless stuff that everyone smoked.
The health system was very good in Australia, and so I was blessed to have been here when I fell ill. Otherwise in Penang, I would have been locked away for a long time. Recent news reports stated that Australia is the second best country to be born in.

Then I had an out of body experience one day, and I knew I had a Golden Spirit. I knew that I had to come back to my body, as I have still a lot of life left to live. It was then I knew that must be a God of our spirits.

Before I was admitted to hospital, one day a Pentecostal girl approach me on the streets in Richmond and asked ...What would you say to the Lord if you were to meet him today? I was taken back and could see Hell opening up. I decided to attend her church and gave up the life I was living.

years later my ma told me about the time when I was coming over, that she went to a Chinese temple and the monk told her not to do a thing more, because I was going to die and be reborn. That there is a greater power in Australia that would that care of me from then on. And I would find a new faith and be protected.

So I wanted to go to Heaven, and the thought came to me that Heaven was closed. And that Jesus himself would come down to visit us in our family circles. There would be lines of circles around the world where families are united. So I asked in prayer to find a wife.

I ended up in hospital after running amok in Melbourne.
At the hospital I was told to wait for my wife. There I met Dawn, I proposed the night we met. I knew the Lord had blessed us. The Lord had told me Dawn was coming from England that week.
So I was blessed to marry Dawn. A marriage blessing.

Then we were blessed to join the Church. … We were living in Richmond at the time, next to the TV station.

Dawn was being taught, I was as usual asleep after nightshift at the factory.

One day, we went to Church, for a lesson with the missionaries, and they asked me to pray …

As I got on my knees and started to pray, I heard a commotion outside the corridor and screams crying, “we have lost him, we have lost him!” And there was a gush or roar of wind up the corridor. When I finished praying, I opened the door as the Bishop was walking down. I asked him about the commotion, and he said everyone has gone home, please lock up the chapel when you are finished.

Dawn is an Outsider Art painter


This self-portrait was done about 20 years ago in Amphitheatre. I was then a realist painter, but since getting a degree, I have started to paint in an abstract way and found a style called Outsider Art, which I now adopt because of my illness.
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