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My Interests-my quotes

"Death is but a cocoon to the butterfly of eternity even if life is a caterpillar sometimes!"

"Mystery is the key to inquisitive. You eagerly open a letter from an unknown source, anticipating something good and dreading something bad!"

"What you don't see, What you don't get! ....WYDSWYDG"

"You flew here so quick, where did you leave your broomstick?"

Family History Vision

When I first bought my first PC, I had a vision when I put my family history details in PAF version 1. I saw that no longer had to go to a Church Family History Centre to do my Family History, I would be sitting at home in the country and connect to the internet to do it.

Wow, it has come true, now with the Church about to release the records from the Granite Mountains over the internet. You can now do everything from home. President Hinkley, first saw that how the IGI can be search over the internet. When his directors were preparing for the internet website, they envisaged that it would only take 1 million hits but the prophet saw that it would have to take 10 million hits a day. And when the website first went live, it fell over because it was overwhelmed by so many hits.

Then a few years ago before the prophet died, he saw that the New Familysearch program would have to be a one tree project, with everyone putting their families onto one tree, so as to stop the duplication which was a waste of time and resources.

The prophet called a new director to put the Granite Mountain's records online. The director was a bit worried because he calculated that it would take more than 30 years with millions of workers manually digitising the records. The prophet said to him he must save the patrons eyes and told him to come up with something to cut back the 30 years work.

The director was worried, but not too long after, his department came up with a totally new approach to do the work and went back to the prophet and said it would now take 10 years.
The prophet told him to go back and come up with a better figure. Soon with more inventions, the director said it would take less than seven years.

Now the records are coming online.

The prophet has spent 9 million dollars for 9 tetra bits or something to put in the hard disks for the one tree project.